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60% Mechanical RGB Keyboard Builder

60% Mechanical RGB Keyboard Builder

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Create Your Own Keyboard

Our 60% Mechanical RGB Keyboard Builder allows you to create your dream keyboard. With over 150+ options to add and customise, your dream keyboard is just a few clicks away! 

Mini 60%

Our Mini 60% gives you access to all necessary keys and takes away everything that's never needed. Perfect form and function, with more space on your desk to move your mouse. Works great for smaller desk set ups! 


RGB lights behind the keys help to illuminate your keycaps and help you see exactly what you need to be pressing, even in the darkest of rooms. 
You can customise the RGB settings at the press of a couple of keys! 

Cherry MX Switches

Cherry have a long history in gaming and they go hand in hand with custom keyboards. We have chosen nothing but the best for our keyboards. All Keyboards will be fitted with Black switches as standard, with the option to upgrade to Red (Linear) or Blue (Clicky) 

DoubleShot PBT Keycaps

Our keycaps have a strong PBT DoubleShot finish across every key. This means they are much less likely to wear off or gain any type of shininess, even after hours of use! 


All of our Keyboards can be used either wired through a USB C connection, or wireless via Bluetooth and the included adapter. 

Rubber Feet

The last thing you need is your keyboard slipping out right as you're about to get that win! Thankfully all of our keyboards have rubber feet underneath to prevent this from happening.  

Compatible with Windows (7+) and Mac OS 

Whether you use a Windows PC or a Mac, we have got you covered. Our keyboards are compatible with both! 
You can either plug in and play via the USB C or connect through the Bluetooth dongle and your computers Bluetooth settings

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