PS5 Defy Pro Ultimate Pro Gaming Esports Controller

Elevate your game with the Defy Pro with two instant click Re-programmable rear paddles. Easily map any button to the 4 rear paddles instantly including L3 and R3 to suit your gaming style. Choose between standard triggers with haptic feedback, or for the serious FPS gamer choose mouse click instant triggers for a faster reaction time. Choose between standard face buttons, or choose mouse click instant face buttons for a quicker press. Instantly switch between 6 different shaped thumbsticks including short and concaved, or tall and domed. Designed for long gaming sessions with a comfortable rubber anti slip grip. 

All Defy Pro controllers are crafted from authentic PS5 Dualsense controllers for maximum quality and reliability. Use our controller builder to create near limitless designs, with the ability to change a number or parts including shells, thumbsticks and buttons. Make it unique by adding your name or message.